The Justice for Kenny Coalition will be hosting the 2nd Fundraiser of the year at Club Pyramid (101 Ave. A) with End of the Weak!

People who want to participate in the Open Mic portion of the event must sign up at 7PM.

The documentary directed by Edward Pages, “Police Terror:  The Murder of Kenny Lazo” will be screened at 8PM sharp and performances will begin at 8:30PM.

We have another $1000 we must raise to meet our goal for this year – so come out and SUPPORT!!!

Check the flyer below:


The March 22nd Open Mic Fundraiser was a success!  With over 50+, and over $600 in donations, we have now raised over 50% of our fundraising goal.  Thank you to everyone who came out to support the Lazo family and Justice for Kenny Coalition on the 22nd and participated in the Open Mic.  We hope that the culture of getting together as a community to share art will continue in Long Island!

Here are some report-backs from folks who participated on the 22nd:

Ok, now that I am actually at a computer and not on my phone I really want to take the time out to THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE TO CONTRIBUTING to helping make this fundraiser successful. I have receive such a significantly great response to this event and I am so humbly thankful. If I forgot to thank you please just know I am thankful! Do to the response I plan on having another event I will keep all informed as requested by many. Thank you all once again and please big ups to Abraham DjSupakraze Medrano for blessing all of us with amazing photos capturing these amazing memories please if you use your pic give a photo credit! – Jennifer Gonzalez, partner of Kenny Lazo

Dope!!!!!!!!!!!!! Met some Dope Official Human beings, those that touch stage tonite DOPE TO THE D……. Great Cause and keeping Kenny Lazo name alive RIP…….. Thank you Jennifer GonzalezAbraham DjSupakraze Medrano

It was being part of this event that brought that spirit out of me, again thanks for giving us the opportunity to be apart of it. Anytime you out something together like this, we would be honored to attend and perform if needed. L.I.F.E – Herbie Mendez

Last night was dope, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to spend time with such great talent. I will do my best to spread the word of the event to my people. – Golden Lotus

It was a great event. So many talented people. Thank you for the invite Jennifer Gonzalez looking forward to the next one! Big shout out to Abraham DjSupakraze Medrano for capturing the moment and not just taking a picture! ‪#‎salute‬ – Myling Martinez

Thank you all for supporting such a wonderful event! We left feeling really inspired. S/O to Majesty for hosting! ~ The Peace Poets

I want to thank everyone who came together to make this event possible. Again, thank you to all the performers for inspiring me and allowing me to share the stage with you. God bless the Justice for Kenny Coalition. I hope every donation makes a difference. Below you will find the piece I wrote for tonight. It is yours. Take it. Share it. Own it. Let law enforcement know that we are human too and that our dignity will not be sacrificed for their pension plans.

What is the monetary value of a badge?
How much should you compensate a man with a weapon?
When you reimburse a person’s moral code with power
You risk ruining their righteousness.
We are only human.
Those who uphold the laws cannot operate outside them.
A firearm is not a problem-solver.
A uniform does not negate our uniform humility.
You can’t beat the God-given right out of me!
We are only human.
My skin color is not a codex for my guilt.
Reasonable suspicion is not the same as probable cause.
Just because you wield a gun legally
Doesn’t mean you have precedence over me
And it doesn’t mean you know how to use it.
We are only human.
I know the first time you had to
It scared the hell out of you.
I know
Because fear is the universal force that conforms us.
And fear is a law that you can’t operate outside of.
We are only human.
When we pay law enforcement ludicrous wages
They transform into little more than mercenaries.
You take away the passion,
The camaraderie,
The pride,
Because why should I care about a person’s dignity
When I’m still getting paid?
We are only human.
How do you balance compassion on the tip of a bullet?
How do you reconcile empathy with the broadside of a baton?
You can’t sign legal documents in bruises.
You can’t quiet freedom with broken bones.
Your flashlight cannot shine bright enough to blind my pursuit of happiness.
Pepper spray does not compare to the sting of innocence.
We are only human.
As a person in a position of power,
You owe that power to the people you serve
And in protecting them from themselves,
And you from them,
You’re obligated to protect them from you as well.
They are only human.
You are only human.
 – Steven T. Licardi

Last night, a few people asked me to post this poem, which is incredibly flattering, and *humbling*, to say the least, especially coming from a group of such talented individuals. I’m grateful to have been able to attend, and I’m honored that my words may have affected others in however small a way. Thank you.

My epitaph is carved of contradictions—I am
a fugitive and a father, a family-man,
a manifestation of fear.
I am dark as night, dark as dirt, dark as a stain on a white collared shirt
you can’t remove.
My pain is engraved into my veins,
the so-called grit you are trying to scrub away is my skin.

The price for this ‘cleansing’ can be measured in the morgue.
Wait 6-12 hours for results, for red blood cells to sink:
you will see how pale I can be.

Of course, I can understand your need to clear the streets of black grime
when ‘police officer’ has become synonymous with ‘sanitation worker’…
well, you were only trying to do your job.
I just never expected to be reduced to a body bag of excuses
you left on the curb next to the rest of the trash.

I never hurt nobody, man.

When you said I resisted arrest,
when you said I reached for the gun,
when you said I was high,
when you said I was a public menace
for not abiding traffic laws,
when you were in my neighborhood,
when you were in my home,
when you ignored my daughter
asleep on the couch
and threw a grenade through the living room window,
when you shot my 92-year-old neighbor during a drug bust,
when you busted my face,
ruptured my organs,
left me to die,

I can
be understanding
because the way I see it:

I never hurt nobody, man.

-Bri Ana


Photos from the March 22nd Open Mic Fundraiser, by Abraham DjSupakraze Medrano


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