Justice for Kenny Fundraiser – Part Deux!

The second JKC fundraiser on March 24th, 2013 (at End Of the Weak, Club Pyramid, NYC) was just as successful as the first!!  We raised nearly $500, making the total raised to help with expenses for the march close to $1000.  This year has been, by far, our most successful fundraising year yet.  🙂

We had some amazing performers, including End of the Weak’s hosts, Majesty (JKC REPRESENT!!!), Jesse James, & Karnage, Aidge of The Aesthetics Crew, Hasan Salaam (with a surprise performance by Drue of Red Clay), Danette Chavis and MeccaGodZilla.

Video footage was recorded (!) but not yet finished editing except for these two performances by Hasan Salaam and Danette Chavis (well worth the watch!):

Hasan Salaam:

Hasan Salaam & Drue of Red Clay:

Danette Chavis:

Enjoy the videos – more performances to come soon!

And…a very, very special thank you to End of the Weak for their most generous donation at the end of the night….We couldn’t have done this without you. 🙂

Justice for Kenny Lazo!  And all victims of Police Brutality!!!


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