Justice for Kenny Fundraiser – A SUCCESS!!!

Last night we had a very successful fundraiser hosted in Bay Shore, Long Island. This was the first Justice for Kenny Coalition fundraiser event ever held in Long Island. Previously, we held fundraisers in New York City, feeling not so confident that we would gather much support from LI. However, from last year’s increased support from Suffolk County communities during the march, we figured we’d give it a shot.

The night started out with watching the most recent 10 minute documentary on Kenny’s case, where the partner of Kenny Lazo and mother of his son, Jennifer Gonzalez, summarized the last few years of struggle, and what she would like to ultimately see as the outcome for Kenny’s case. While the viewing seemed to depress the audience, it became very clear to people why we do what we do.

Following the viewing, we proceeded with the open mic, which featured several Long Island artists who were very supportive of our struggle for justice. Spirits were most definitely lifted during these performances, and we are excited to continue building with these LI artists. The entire night was hosted by JKC’s very own Majesty, and the evening featured a Long Island-dominated crew, DJ NYRican, MeccaGodZilla, Calico, Benny Blanco, A.C.E., Carabela 301, PNC’s DubbEz, and others.

The bar all night served delicious food and drink.

We were able to raise over $500 in just a couple of hours, which all of us were really impressed and surprised by. We will finally be able to purchase our own sound equipment, and after that, hopefully have enough to reimburse drivers for gas on the day of the march.

Our next fundraiser is next Sunday, March 24th, at End of the Weak, in New York City, featuring the following artists: Majesty, Aidge 34 of The Aesthetics Crew, SpiritChild, MeccaGodZilla, and Hasan Salaam. More details on this event in tomorrow’s post. Til then, enjoy the photos and please consider coming out on Saturday, April 13th, for the annual March of 5th Avenue.



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