Who knows the real number of victims of police brutality, negligence, and corruption? The above 3
victims are only a handful of people that have had their lives stolen by those who swore to “protect and
serve” our communities. Family and… friends of police murder become all too familiar with the obstacles
they face after their loved one is killed. For example: 1)Not given a clear reason as to why their loved
one was apprehended. 2)The autopsy report takes unusually long to be released. 3)Inconsistent,
inaccurate and unverified reporting from the media. 4)Assigned poor and ineffective advocacy.
Since the courts and authorities are not interested in accountability, we are calling upon the People to
demand accountability and justice for these crimes against our brothers and sisters. We’re asking New
Yorkers & Long Islanders to join together this year to stand up and march against Police Brutality,
Negligence, & Corruption.
We will be meeting in front of the Suffolk County Police Department 3rd
Precinct @ 1650 5th Avenue in Bay Shore, Long Island at 10AM, on
Saturday, April 14th, 2012, to flier the neighboring area. At 12PM, we will
reconvene in front of the 3rd Precinct and march down 5th Avenue. We will
knock on the doors of businesses and flag cars down and ask them to join us.
It’s time for the People of Suffolk County to defend their Civil Rights and
show Solidarity to those who have lost.
If you are interested in helping with organizing this event, please write to:
justiceforkennylazo@yahoo.com. Please visit: justiceforkenny.wordpress.com for more information.


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