Looking for Media Interns, Police Brutality Victims and Families

We are delighted to announce that the Justice for Kenny Coalition has been selected as the grantee for the LIUU (Long Island Unitarian Universalist) Fund for Social Change.  The LIUU Fund reflects Unitarian Universalist principles including justice, equity and compassion in human relations, a free and responsible search for truth and meaning, and the goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all.  The Fund’s overarching mission is to build and energize a community of progressive social change activists, and to support prophetic voices in vulnerable communities who speak out against injustices —often in unsafe environments and at personal risk and sacrifice.
The Justice for Kenny Coalitionhttp://justiceforkenny.org ) is a family-led grassroots anti-police brutality coalition co-founded by Jennifer Gonzalez, the partner of police brutality victim, Kenny Lazo, and multimedia artist & community organizer Vanissa Chan.  Since Kenny Lazo’s brutal police murder on April 12th, 2008, Jennifer has been organizing protests to raise awareness of the rampant police violence in the Long Island community.  In 2010, her and Vanissa formed the Justice for Kenny Coalition in hopes to create a sustainable anti-police brutality movement in Long Island, giving voice to those most affected by it.
As grantees of the LIUU Fund for Social Change we will be launching a community multimedia oral history project to collect narratives of police violence from police brutality victims and families who have lost loved ones to police violence in the Long Island area.  The intention of this project is to gain insight on how these incidents occur, who it effects, record and create an archival database of such incidents, and to inspire dialogue amongst the Long Island community.  Along with developing this project we are offering a FREE media training to interested parties.  Trainees will develop interviewing skills as well as familiarize themselves with multimedia tools in order to carry out a community oral history project including photography, film, video editing, website development and social media marketing.  All we are asking in return is to commit to sustaining this community oral history project of collecting local Long Island narratives of police violence.
Along with trainees we are in the midst of contacting families affected by police violence and police brutality victims in Long Island.  Should you know families and/or individuals who have suffered from police violence please forward this email to them and connect us.  We would like to begin scheduling these interviews as soon as possible.  
The project and training will begin in early July and last for 5-6 weeks.  If you are interested in participating as a trainee and/or interviewee please call Vanissa at (336) 365-8560 or email:   justiceforkennylazo@yahoo.com
If you have people in your network in the Long Island and New York area that may be interested in this project, please share this page!
Thank you for your support, time and attention.
Justice for Kenny Coalition

7 thoughts on “Looking for Media Interns, Police Brutality Victims and Families

  1. Awareness is key here so these are but pieces of a larger puzzle of racism and hate crimes against humanity happening on long island, across the country. It is clear that suffpd has a faction inside that is stalking citizens and immigrants alike, anyone that they perceive as being a threat to established social order of all male white-power on top, filling false accusations on community members so their buddies can steal businesses from them, or just so they can feed business to private court-owned prison system, does not matter what their motives are, they get away with it. Asking for help from them to stop harassment and investigate hate crimes and threats all go ignored means they are in on it. Perfect example happened to Marty Tankleft, 20 years for a crime he clearly did not commit, but the shoddy investigators convinced him he did, essentially abusing his trust in them that they knew what went on since as authority figures they would never lie, but of course they do and do it all the time, just to get a conviction and clock over time hours. They do not want anyone talking about it so the abuses and the gravy train cannot get cut off, so that property taxes keep escalating, and that an overworked population can continue to be their picking grounds, ripe for them abusing the shit out of the public trust.

  2. Hello, I have read your story and please let me extend my condolences to you and your family. I am going thru a very similar situation with a corrupt precinct (48). My son was taken from my home at 6am on the 23rd of April with no search warrant or warrant for his arrest. 24 hours later they made up 5 felony charges in which was dismissed by the grand jury. They are still holding my son. Since he has been in jail my son has become ill and they refuse to give him medical assistance.Every time something happens with in a 5 mile ratios these same officers fro this precinct come and harass us. If possible can you pass on information to me on how I can start a public rally, start a website like this, and the proper legal ways to get results.

  3. Hello.I can vouch that the 3rd precinct are complete psychopaths.and that the Justice System is in fact completely corrupt.I was Kidnapped by the 3rd precinct from across jurisdictions.as I live here in Kings county.in which I was kidnapped from my home after having my rights completely violated.in which when I got into the precinct.as I was heading into the investigation room.I saw Detective John E.O’conner.Badge Number 1118.falsifying evidence.and when I was in the investigation room.Detective John E.O’conner in a childishly psychotic manner was shoving words down my throat.
    I also notice the police from the 3rd precinct do in fact have very psychotic,prejudice,and even racist streak to them a mile wide.I do believe that white supremists have infact infiltrated the Long Island police.and believe that they have taken over.and practically run the 3rd precinct of Suffolk County Long Island.as the FBI tried to warn about years ago.

    Never trust the police.

    Cop does not mean Citizens on patrol.
    cop truly means Criminal Of Privilege.

    they are truly badge wearing vampires.

  4. I support the Justice For Kenny J. Lazo Coalition. “The Pen Is Mightier Then The Sword!” My condolences to the families of the Kenny and all the victim of this heinous murder_The families of all the men and women victimized abused and traumatized by the brutality of an societal intrenched supremacist culture of killers with badges acting under the color of law. May by pen join with the voices of the many families that demand justice for their loved ones . let us not forget the families. The forgotten. The daughter that this man was may have been going home to but never arrived. We understand the love and need of the fathers love to his baby. Then we all know what was going through this brother’s mind when he came to the realization that He{ Kenny Lazo} did nothing wrong other than driving while black in a racist law enforcement jurisdiction, might not get to kiss his baby goodnight_anymore! All fathers can relate to that. Not to leave out the his wife/lady(?) or the rest of his family and friends however his little princess! I have a little princess I know what I mean to my daughter in her life. Vowing to be there for her through thick and through then;to guide her and to protect her from the world! Who knew that it wouldn’t be the bad world that he wasn’t protecting her from_it was the Racist Officers of the Suffolk County Police Department_(3rd Precinct). They say when you know you are faced with death; your life flashes by in your mind. Kenny was sure to have thought_ What did I do to deserve losing all that I have to live for and vowed to do in my life_in regards to his baby daughter. Not The Police! Lord not for driving over the limit! Forgive me for putting my diction in this mans reality but we all have a common connection to what we love and Who we call on for mercy and deliverance. Kenny was murdered and by not only these five officers. Kenny was killed off by the entire Suffolk County Law enforcement communities and the Department Of Justice. That’s why we march!! because We can;t get Justice from the Department Of Justice! That’s because we’er not being loud enough;no ones hearing us. No one is empathizing with the victims until we bring it home to their for steps! March yes! But let’s march on their blocks and disrupt their families. No more allowing them the freedoms of passage and ivory castles. Lets expose them and their malicious, sadistic, calculating crimes against the preservation of life and the human family. They_ the police also have daughters and loved ones who either know and condone or don’t know because they too are the victims of abuse and neglect and feels powerless and traumatized by the systemic stigma of a justice system gone wild. We the supporters of Kenny Lazo {Father} and all the other Kenny’s and future Kenny’s need to show these Killers with badges and their families what it’s feels like to lose that status, honor and commitment of the fathers, like Kenny, in the lives of family. “This is who Kenny was and this is what he meant to me and all the rest of us in our lives…”and_”Your dad, and his friends on the force, killed him for no reason_ because he was black.” This is the wake up call. Let the families and their neighbors know that a Frankenstein or some psychopathic racist is harboring in their protected community. They may or may not know or even care_but kids don’t lie! “Your dad is a racist killer my mom said!” Let lil Tommy or Jenny have to bare witness and testimony to the real person behind the badge and uniform. Hit them back where it hurts_ the family structure! The truth is justice being served up; Justice would be these man being indicted and then convicted for manslaughter charges and hate crimes. Then the County should be made to pay for it’s role in hiding the truth and defending these officers. That’s correct; We the tax payers should be all held accountable and on the hook for not doing more to carefully vet and hold responsible our elected leaders in the legislation that condone these racist tactic that violate human rights and harm the whole community. When the community allows such acts to persist by corrupt public servants the community becomes un-knowing participants of this under-ground racist and criminal culture. Pay and then pay again and again until it hurts our moral and intellectual conscience to ignore what is happening within our community police departments. Chief Bird is a clear example of A corrupt police force; however, Chief Bird was not the Police Force. Which means that “The Force” is still operating and are still disguised Acting Under the Color of Law Enforcement and are still infiltrating our Police Departments. The Law 50A that protects these officers past records from being accessed hides their past and prevent the tax paying public who pays their salaries from using their history against them However, that same law with all of it’s blocking powers_can’t stop the freedom of the press or freedom of expression and the right to march and picket out-side the residences of these known killers. “You Can Run But You can’t hide COP!” Next stop on the picketing tour is YOUR(white picketed fence)HOUSE in your gated, guarded communities bringing home the affliction to your family; your daughter! It’s like picturing the ‘knock at the door’ during family dinner and the spouse of the accused answers the door to find a pregnant under-aged teen standing there with allegations_ ‘Nine months pregnant and her proud police husband (spouse) is the father_type of news! “It was not I; Eve bit the apple” won’t work in that case. That’s a reality check! WAKE UP Call! Let us bring it home to them in their gated guarded communities when they have community gatherings and of family events. Let them, while shielded from media scrutiny, in their communities know that the many father’s that we lost, just driving home to their families, That_that man right there while in uniform, ripped them from our lives. That’s when reality strikes home. Like a community receives news of a child molester moving in to the community. “Thanks for the dinner invitation ‘officer of the law’; but_No thanks to the guilt by association implications for condoning or discounting the seriousness of the transgression and the ramifications of sympathizing and honoring such atrocious acts of evil. “If it can happen to Kenny; It can happen to anyone one_it’ can happen to you;like it happen to his daughter;_ Just driving home from a long hard day at work_just trying to feed our babies!
    R.I.P Kenny! These Five officers:(5) killed you, and the system denied you_but “WE” got you! May my pen forge allegiances with the voices and shouts… “Justice for Kenny”_NOW! Repeal Law 50A That hide policemen records of misconduct and abuse! No Justice No Peace! This is for the family for the families. This is to make them see his the smallest victim who is traumatized and STILL being victimized; Kenny Lazo’s daughter! Forced Adolescent Activist_ The America she envisions and dream of is not the America she sees. Wake Up!_ We March! But this time we March on these Cops door steps where their families reside! What are these Cops Addresses and dwellings? Someone please post the list of verifiable residences for these corrupt officers. They have to eat and sleep too. Why should it be peacefully! “Don’t go to bed with a price on your head!”_Barreta

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